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Is it necessary to refrigerate Cerbella?

We recommend refrigeration to extend the flavor freshness and potency of Cerbella, but it is not necessary.

Does Cerbella contain any sugar?

Cerbella contains no sugar and is sweetened with <1gm of a naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in fruits and vegetables, which makes a safe and healthy low-calorie sweetener. You can learn more about our ingredients here.

Does Cerbella contain any caffeine? Will Cerbella affect my sleep?

Cerbella is caffeine free per Health Canada guidelines. While we extract some of our bioactives from green tea leaves, which are naturally caffeinated, the extraction process is designed to isolate green tea catechin compounds.

While caffeine-free, the ginseng bioactives can cause wakefulness. As a result we recommend taking your daily dose of Cerbella in the morning or early afternoon. You can learn more about our ingredients here.

Should I take Cerbella with food?

We recommend taking Cerbella on a full stomach or with food. In our clinical trial, those taking Cerbella experienced no more side effects than those on placebo.

What happens if I’ve missed a day or two?

Cerbella was designed with long term health in mind and works best if taken daily. Our clinical trial results are based upon continuous administration over four weeks. However, if you miss a dose, don’t fret.

I take a fish oil supplement. If I take Cerbella too, could I be taking too much fish oil?

Cerbella can be taken instead of a fish oil supplement of similar essential fatty acid concentration. Many fish oil supplements found in gel capsules contain less than 50% essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Given Cerbella’s high concentration of essential fatty acids, one sachet of Cerbella is equivalent to approximately 3.5 large 1000mg fish oil capsules in terms of essential fatty acid content (NIH.gov).
Our fish oil is iFos-certified for metals and contaminants and derived from preferred low-mercury sources. We recommend that you consult your physician to determine the appropriate amount of omega supplementation for your diet.

Does it have a fishy taste/after taste?

We formulate Cerbella with the highest pharmaceutical-grade omega oils and seal Cerbella in an airtight package, which reduces the oxidation process that commonly produces a ‘fishy taste’ in other products. If you are especially concerned or sensitive, a fishy aftertaste can be easily reduced by taking the supplement with food. Our fish oil is iFos-certified for metals and contaminants and derived from preferred low-mercury sources such as krill. We recommend that you consult your physician to determine the appropriate amount of omega supplementation for your diet.

Why not take dry formulations of ginseng or green tea catechins instead of Cerbella?

In the process of formulating Cerbella, we discovered how difficult it is to find quality, contaminant-free sources of these ingredients. We strongly recommend purchasing from trusted suppliers who are willing to provide certificates of analysis, and who have their ingredients tested by reputable third-party sources. If you would like to review Cerbella’s certificates of analysis, please email us at info@cerbella.com.

In addition, Cerbella was formulated with function and bioavailability in mind. The majority of ginseng and green tea catechin sources available are in dried or capsule form, which for the purposes of brain health, limits bioavailability. We designed our formulation to allow the bioactives we’ve individually selected to reach the brain effectively.

Why is Non-GMO certification important?

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are produced using genetic engineering processes which do not occur in nature. This deliberate manipulation of genes presents both environmental and health concerns including lower nutrient levels, increased allergens, poor digestibility, and concerns over risk of serious disease. Our team is committed to using all-natural ingredients, which are stringently tested and verified by the Non-GMO Project.

If I have difficulty maintaining attention or focus, is Cerbella still appropriate for maintaining my brain health?

There is clinical evidence to support that the primary bioactives in Cerbella would have beneficial effects on these symptoms.

Two recent studies (Bloch & Qawasmi 2011, Sonuga-Barke 2013) provide evidence of significant improvement in inattention and hyperactivity symptoms, with essential fatty acid (EFA) supplementation. Combinations of EFAs, such as the combination of DHA and EPA found in Cerbella, seem to work best in these studies, and the incremental benefit seen in those already taking prescription medications suggest EFAs have a separate and compatible mechanism of action. In fact, side effects associated with prescription treatments were, in general, reduced by the addition of EFAs.

There does seem to be some positive effect of panax ginseng on focus and attention reported in the literature. In addition, ginseng extracts have a tradition in China of being used for this purpose, and a well-controlled study (Ko 2014) found that 8 weeks of ginseng extract resulted in improvements in inattention and hyperactivity vs placebo.

Cerbella also contains green tea extract, which activates a number of biological mechanisms which are relevant to attention, including improvements in cognitive function and neurotransmission.

Overall, it would seem likely that Cerbella would have a beneficial effect on an inability to focus given the research that has been conducted on the primary ingredients.