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We’re accomplished neuroscientists and naturopaths that have developed a natural, high-potency (and obsessively pure) formulation for optimizing brain health.

Cerbella is the result of our passion and laboratory research.

Our Values 

What We Believe

We believe food is medicine
We started with raw botanicals, which we refined and purified through new methods we pioneered to deliver more benefits in a small dose.

We are science-first
Cerbella is the result of years of not-for-profit grant-funded scientific research, followed by clinical trials to validate our formulation. We’re determined to provide you with the best product, not compromising on quality.



The Team

Meet Our Contributors

We’ve come together from several institutions to develop Cerbella, but our home is in Prince Edward Island Canada, at the National Research Council of Canada’s Institute for Nutrisciences and Health.

Jackalina Van Kampen, PhD

Dr. Van Kampen conducted much of the preclinical research to validate bioactives present in Cerbella. She is the former Assistant Professor of Molecular Neuroscience at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, an Adjunct professor, Department of Biomedical Science at the University of Prince Edward Island. Her graduate training was completed at the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre and postdoctoral training at the Brain Repair Center at Dalhousie University.

Harry Robertson, PhD, FRSC

Dr. Robertson graduated from the Universities of Western Ontario (B.A., M.Sc.) and Cambridge (Ph.D.) and is Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology at Dalhousie University. He is also an esteemed fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. Robertson was the First Neurofortis Visiting Professor at Lund University in Sweden and is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Prince Edward Island. Dr. Robertson is co-founder of the Brain Repair Center (BRC) at Dalhousie University, and its first Director of Research. He is best known for discovering the role of the immediate early gene c-fos in brain and for his work on Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

Denis Kay, PhD

Dr. Kay has more than 25 years of experience in the development and characterization neurological conditions. He is a founder, and Chief Scientific Officer of Neurodyn Life Sciences, Inc. and is a grant recipient of the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Dr. Kay is a graduate of Dalhousie (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) and McGill (Ph.D.) Universities.

Dr. Marc Richard, PhD

As a principal research scientist with Cerbella, Dr. Richard screens molecules for bioactivity in order to understand their mechanisms of action. Dr. Richard earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from the Department of Pharmacology at Dalhousie University. During his postdoctoral training at the University of Prince Edward Island, his research focus changed from cardiology to neurology as he investigated both Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

Ken Cawkell, LLB

As CEO, Ken is integral in all aspects of planning and development for Cerbella. He has over 25 years of experience working in biotechnology, and is putting his experience to work in order to bring safe and effective naturally-derived products to market.

Bob Cervelli, M.Sc

As COO, Bob has spent his career identifying botanical extracts and natural active compounds that can provide healthier and more effective alternatives to existing treatments. He graduated from Purdue University, the University of Washington and received a Masters in Botany from the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Alex McLellan, B.Sc., ND

Dr. McLellan is a practicing naturopathic physician and provides a healthcare practitioner’s perspective on research and development at Cerbella. He is the co-author of two well-accepted books in the natural health field for the condition of diabetes and related neuropathy.



Cerbella Scientific Advisory Board

Andrew Tasker Ph.D., FCAHS

Andrew is Professor of Neuropharmacology at UPEI’s Atlantic Veterinary College and is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. A former Associate Dean of Research at UPEI, Dr. Tasker was the Founding Director of the Atlantic Centre for Comparative Biomedical Research and one of six founding scientists of NoNO Inc., a Toronto-based drug discovery company. Dr. Tasker is an internationally acknowledged authority of the neurotoxicology of domoic acid and other glutamatergic ligands, and he specializes in behavioral models appropriate to the study of epilepsy, stroke and cognitive decline.

Hugh Bennett Ph.D.

Dr. Bennett is Professor and Chair Dept. of Experimental Medicine, Director of the Sheldon Biotechnology Institute, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Hugh has extensive expertise in protein and peptide isolation and structure-function relationships. As Director of the Sheldon Biotechnology Institute, he has current knowledge of the most discerning purification and analytical methodologies as applied to biomolecules.