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Our formulation of vitamins and bioactives work in harmony to enhance your brain’s natural processes, allowing you to be sharp today and resilient tomorrow.


 How It Works 

Making old cells act young again


Our team of neuroscientists have spent their careers studying how the brain works, and its natural decline as we age and undergo life’s stresses.

One common stressor is neuroinflammation. Our bodies have ways of keeping inflammation in check through neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and other compounds

As we age, levels of these beneficial compounds decline.

Cerbella researchers have identified vitamins and bioactives that can elevate levels of these beneficial compounds, allowing old cells to act young again.

Our formulation of vitamins and bioactives work in harmony to not only reduce inflammation, but support positive neuroprocesses that affect learning and memory pathways.

"We isolated bioactives that are evidenced to inhibit negative biological processes and promote positive biological processes allowing older neural cells to exhibit characteristics of younger cells."

Jackalina Van Kampen
Director of Preclinical Research at Neurodyn Inc.



Clinical Research

We don’t make empty promises, we deliver results

In independent clinical trials, Cerbella consumption over a 4-week period resulted in improvements in cognitive tests that measure overall cognitive function, mental processing speed, task-switching, memory, and decision-making.

Better Activity

Study participants took tests to measure their cognitive function while clinical trial researchers recorded the participants’ brain activity using fMRI technology. 

Participants’ average scores showed a trend toward improvement on the tests when regularly taking Cerbella vs a placebo.

 fMRI scans taken of the participants during the tests also showed that participants on Cerbella had increased brain activity in specific areas of the brain associated with executive function.

Better Connectivity

In order to play a complex piece of music well, an orchestra has to be in sync, from the violins, to the trumpets, knowing when to play, and when to pause.

The brain also has to be in sync in order to effectively solve problems. As a brain ages and loses function, areas of the brain fall out of sync, and don’t show clear patterns of activation under fMRI.

Scientists leading the Cerbella clinical trial focused on 6 areas of the brain that were known to be important for problem-solving, and identified that participants taking Cerbella had clearer patterns of synchronization across these areas of the brain when solving complex problems, than when they were not taking Cerbella.


Better Rest

After completing a complicated task the areas of the brain that were involved can quiet down and rest.

As the brain ages and loses normal function, brain activity continues to occur even when a brain should be at rest.

Researchers identified that participants taking Cerbella showed an improved ability to let the brain disengage the neuronal networks and rest when not performing tasks.

The Cerbella clinical trial was conducted by the independent Pennington Biomedical Research Center Institute for Dementia Research and Prevention and followed gold standard design for studies of this type. Neither the investigators nor the subjects knew during the trial whether they were taking the active Cerbella formula or a placebo with the same color and taste. Brain scan results were considered highly statistically significant and represented a true effect 999 times out of 1000 (p-value < 0.001).



Guard Against Toxins

In preclinical trials, ginsenoside bioactives in Cerbella showed protective effects when administered before cells were exposed to toxins.

This research is published in the journal Experimental Neurology. 2003 Nov;184(1):521-9.

If you are interested in participating in future clinical trials, contact us at info@cerbella.com