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One Month
Smart Habit Plan

One Month <br/><span>Smart Habit Plan</span>

One Month
Smart Habit Plan


Cerbella is your once-a-day brain health solution, clinically formulated for optimal short- and long- term benefits. Cerbella snaps should be taken daily with food, water or juice.

No Sugar


Nut Free




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In independent clinical trials, Cerbella consumption resulted in improvements in standard tests that measure overall cognitive function, mental processing speed, task-switching, memory, and decision-making.


We use only the purest, all-natural and non-GMO sources, follow GMP practices, and have each batch of Cerbella tested by an independent laboratory.


Our complexing and purification methodologies provide more bioactives in smaller, more potent doses.

More than the sum of its parts

Cerbella’s complexing process is designed to improve bioavailability and enhance absorption of bioactives. Isolated on their own, or in dry powder formulations, these bioactives aren’t able to reach high concentrations in the brain.

We’ve Created Ingredient Harmony


Enhances function

Ginsenosides have been shown to support several stages of memory, as well as lessen symptoms of fatigue.

Nurtures cells

A variety of processes can damage brain cells, including neuroinflammation and abnormal accumulation of proteins. Ginsenosides help prevent these processes.

Encourages formation of new brain cells

Ginsenosides help promote the formation of new neurons and connections between neurons.

Green Tea Catechins

Enhances function

Catechins have been shown to improve memory and attention in subjects with cognitive impairment.

Nurtures cells

Catechins are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are associated with minimizing processes that cause cell death as well as abnormal accumulation of iron and proteins.

Encourages formation of new brain cells

Catechins have been shown to promote the formation of new cells in the hippocampus, a key area for memory and learning.

Omega Fatty Acids

Enhances function

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are indispensable components of the brain. Omega EFAs help decrease inflammation, and lower levels of inflammation are associated with improved cognitive function.

Nurtures cells

Omega EFAs help regulate growth factors within the brain, including BDNF and neurturin. These growth factors have been shown to enhance protection and repair of neurons which optimizes brain function.

Supports communication between cells

Synapses are junctions between neurons that facilitate communication, and EFAs are associated with increased synaptic density. 

Unparalleled Potency

One dose of Cerbella is equivalent to:

  • 3.5 large 1000 mg fish-oil capsules (capsules are typically only 50% EFAs)
  • 10 ginseng capsules (based on Cerbella bioactive concentrations in one of the top-selling ginseng supplements)
  • 2 cups green tea

    High Standards for Purity


    Cerbella ingredients are certified Non-GMO under the strict guidelines of the Non-GMO Project, the only internationally-accredited program.

    An independent laboratory,
    Merieux Nutrisciences, tests the raw ingredients for Cerbella to ensure the highest purity standards. Tests include heavy metal analysis, contaminant analysis (including pesticides and fungicides), and microbial analysis. Certificates of analysis for each batch of Cerbella are available.

    The omega fatty acids in Cerbella are tested and certified by the only third-party testing and certification program for fish oils,
    IFOS, which sets the world’s highest standards.

    In order to continue to
    protect the purity of Cerbella, we’re working with local farmers to grow organic Asian ginseng in North America.

    Formulation & Complexing

    Cerbella's formulation facility is located in the US Pacific Northwest and meets the stringent inspections of the US FDA and is a Good Manufacturing Practices-certified facility. 

    Cerbella's complexing takes place at the state of the art Bio | Food | Tech center, which is ISO 9001 certified, Government of Canada inspected, and US FDA registered.