Start a smart habit

Start a smart habit

Cerbella is your once-a-day brain health solution.

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Nurture your brain

Nurture your brain

Guard against age-related cognitive decline with Cerbella.

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  Function at  Peak Condition

Function at
Peak Condition

Cerbella is clinically-shown
to improve cognitive performance.

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Why Cerbella?

Brain health declines as we age.

Your brain needs the right mix of vitamins and nutrients to help prevent cognitive decline. Cerbella is clinically proven to help reverse the effects of cognitive aging.

The Right Ingredients

Our formulation contains three highly potent bioactives that are associated with slowing cognitive aging processes and nurturing healthy cells.

Catechins improve memory and attention and minimize the processes that cause cell death.

EPA & DHA improve communication between brain cells and neuron-protecting tissues.

Ginsenosides promote the formation of new neurons and connections between neurons.

No Sugar


Nut Free




The Right Ingredients

Your complete brain health solution

Cerbella uses all-natural and non-GMO bioactives to make your old cells act young again

  • Real Ingredients

    We are setting a new standard with the purest ingredients, free of contaminants (like pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals) combined with unparalleled potency.

  • Real Science

    Brain health is the biggest health issue of the 21st century. Solving that problem requires real science and a multi-ingredient, multi-mechanistic approach. We understand that complex problems require complex solutions.

  • Real Results

    We don’t make empty promises. Our clinically-chosen formulation provides immediate benefits (like sharper and clearer mind) and long-term impacts (safeguard and nurture cells) to improve your cognitive lifespan.
"Cerbella had the most robust results that we have ever seen for any supplement that we’ve tested; every aspect of cognition we tested showed improvement which is remarkable."
"I’ve only just started taking Cerbella but I feel my mind has better, more steady energy throughout the day."
"The blend of ingredients in Cerbella increased neuronal efficiency as seen in brain imaging of subjects on and off Cerbella."
"I felt the effects of Cerbella within the first couple of days. It’s now been 6 months and I’m continuing to see a positive difference."
"Great results. I can’t go a day without it."
"I’m loving it. My husband even says I’m more alert and focused."

Clinical Evidence

  • Better Performance

    Better Performance

    Improved performance on cognitive tasks
    Based on statistically significant clinical fMRI results
    of participants taking Cerbella vs a placebo.

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    Better Performance
  • Better Rest

    Better Rest

    Improved ability to rest and recover
    Based on statistically significant clinical fMRI results
    of participants taking Cerbella vs a placebo

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    Better Rest
  • Better Future

    Better Future

    Guard against toxins
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    Better Future